The Source of Suffering

by Zergananda

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Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson Like this track because it has that deep Russian historical soul; not corrupted by the modern politically corrected world of the West. Reminds me of old Russian folk tales like, The Master and Margarita.
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Come here stranger, I'll tell you a legend, about two souls, who saved the wordl!
This song is about beatiful story of Divinity: Original Sin game.

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Come here stranger
I’ll tell you a legend
About two souls
Who saved the world!

This story is
About betrayal
About a weakness
Inside our hearts.

It was a peaceful time of harmony
Between men and gods
They all lived in the divine light
Of the power of Source

Source was a blessing
Of goddess Astarte,
Curative magic
That belonged to all

There was no injury
That Source could not mend
There was no illness
That couldn't be healed

Then came the Dragon of Void
And a terrible war began
Two brave heroes led mankind
To fight the evil swarm

After this bloody war ended
By the victory of the light
Two warriors were celebrated
As rulers of all

And the dragon of void was locked
In the golden box
Our two heroes offered themselves
To be guardians of the Gods

They became immortal beings,
Eternal guardians of the box
They gave their life and their glory
To keep peace in the world

The First Garden, home of Astarte,
Was where they placed the dangerous box
No longer human in body or in mind
The Guardians were duty personified

One day Astarte’s playmate
Turned her attention to the box
- I can destroy the void that is here
Hissed the scheming bird

- We will set the guardians free
But I must see inside
Astarte, open its lid
Everything will be alright

Astarte trusted her friend
And agreed to help
She may have to deceive the guardians
But only to release them

For the first time the goddess addressed them
Let me help you, - she whispered to one
I will take your place and your duty,
The choice of the other is already done

Haven’t you suffered enough? - she asked the other
Look your companion’s free
I have come to relieve both of you
You should believe me

This attention confused the guardians
She had planted curiosity’s seed
Slowly, they glanced at one another
With a desire that laid dormant in them

As they locked eyes for the first time
Astarte’s playmate whispered - now
The goddess stole the golden box
And looked inside

But when she lifted the lid
The demon that waited so long
Was freed from his chains And soared once more
And started consuming the world

Astarte, aware of the mistake,
Grabbed the demon and hurled him away
Along with herself into a far dimension
For the eternal fight

The Guardians overcome by guilt,
Determined to punish themselves
In the most thorough manner
They ripped from time their threads

Unknown to history and unknowing themselves
As their threads fell to earth
They hardened into crystals
The people called "Star Stones"

And since that terrible day
Source has been tainted by the presence of the void
The beautiful power has become corrupted
And now it can only destroy.


released September 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Zergananda Russia

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